Friday, 1 February 2013

Raise our voice for Justice!

Ring, ring, ring, .... a bell rings and at the door is the milk man ! He is asking for the monthly bill payment and at the same time complaining about the justice system of our country. Primarily he is referring to a rape case of his female cousin. She was hardly 14 years and had gone to school, but never returned! Her parents crying and looking up to the police men who were interviewing them for ... Justice? But little they knew that the FIR details they are reporting to the police is of no use! Their innocent girl not to be found anywhere, only increased to the misery of her poor parents. Justice which is unheard ... is only for the people who can influence the police / law enforcement agencies with their money or position power of being a politician or bureaucracy. The 14 year old girl case will remain a question of thousands of cases of Justice which lies pending in the "Courts" of our country. But if we all in our "Court" of conscience, instil this believe that "Change" lies within us. So we need to raise our voices for "Justice" in whatever capacity we can!
Ring, ring, ring .... now my cell phone rings and a voice is heard! Kanwal come to police station please we need your statement to verify that this 14 year old girl was kidnapped and abused. I happily drove to the police station and insisted on a proper FIR against the culprits! Thus, we all raise our voices against IN-Justice, then there will be Justice "in the air"!