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Canada's PM Justin Trudeau 1st Press Briefing Script

Canada PM Justin Trudeau vows for “Real Change” in his First Press Conference:

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*Kanwal Abidi      063 News (Press Agency)

The father of Justin Trudeau, Pierre Elliott Trudeau won the Liberal leadership in 1968, he famously gave a speech saying that Canada “must be a just society.” On 19th Oct, 2015, Pierre Trudeau’s son and Canada’s new Prime Minister - designate Justin Trudeau’s victory speech shared many of the same themes.

PM Justin Trudeau stated in his victory speech, “the Canadians have chosen ‘Change, the Real Change - Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways. Look out now for Real Change’. This is what positive politics can do - this is what a positive hopeful vision of a team together can make it happen”.

After a resounding victory in the Canadian Election 2015, Trudeau held his First Press Conference with great zest and fervour – which even energized the media covering the press briefing.

Reporters asked him, if he would commit to a concrete emissions reduction target ahead of the Paris Summit on “Climate change” at the end of November. He said he will be meeting with other premiers ahead of the summit, and that the days of Canada being less than willing to act on the environment file are over.

Trudeau said he is planning to attend the G20 summit in Turkey, as well as other global conferences. He said he needs to balance the need to get a government up and running in Canada with the country’s commitments on the world stage.

Trudeau informed the reporters that “he would unveil his cabinet on 4th November 2015, which would have a prime aim to set up a “gender balance”.

Trudeau said he spoke to President Barak Obama when he gave him a congratulations’ call. Obama said the world leaders discussed Trudeau’s commitment to “end Canada’s bombing mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria” – a campaign promise – but didn’t commit to a timeframe, saying he will move forward with withdrawal in a “responsible fashion”.

Characterizing his conversation with Obama, Trudeau said it was very “warm and friendly”. Trudeau told the reporters that Obama also teased him “about his lack of gray hair and said that he would likely get some grays soon – just like him”. The leaders spoke about their children, and Obama encouraged the young leader to take advantage of every moment with them because they grow quickly.

On a serious note, he said the leaders discussed the fight against ISIS, the Keystone pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and the importance of deepening their bilateral relationship.

“I indicated to Mr Obama that I felt it was important Canada demonstrates a level of positive engagement on the environmental file” Trudeau said.

In addition to Obama, Trudeau said he also spoke with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande, Italy Prime Minster Matteo Renzi. His first conversation on Monday night was with Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto.

What accounts for Election 2015 success? “I think Canadians had an extraordinary desire for change,” Trudeau told reporters. He said, “The Liberal party’s - concrete but ambitious vision - inspired voters”.

Asked how he feels about the big victory, Trudeau responded: “I feel good about how the campaign went. I feel good about the kind of messages that we were able to share with Canadians and the response they gave to message of pulling people together in a positive way rather than the strategic division that has been a part of Canadian elections for so long ...”

 I’m also very aware of both the opportunity and responsibility that we have to live up to having put up a strong vision” stated Trudeau. He reminded the media by referring to his victory speech “Thank You for your trust, I would be First and Foremost to represent you at the House of Commons”. I am here, because You (Canadians) “You Put me Here”

................................................................................. The Beginning of Real Change!


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Saturday, 10 October 2015

ShowDown at NA 122 ... Rallies & False Promises at their Best !!

Political Showdown at NA 122

Published in
The Financial Daily on 8th Oct 2015 in Opinion to Editor

Pakistan Observer on 10th Oct 2015 on National Page


The mayhem of May 2013 elections are clearly refracted in the Election Commission collapsing on its writ to hold “true and fair” elections.

The results on May 11th 2013, trumping Nawaz Shareef as the Prime Minister announced the culmination of the electoral process - only for us to wake up to a pool of rigging allegations, where our democracy is trying to swim out. 

It seems that our colourful political clan were wooing to declare the “losing ground” as rigged - and the “ruling ground” as pious. Those who won the elections – never cared less for the legislative mode of their duties – but were more interested to renovate their parliament lodges on tax payers’ funds.

MNAs come and go - but the fact remains, our politicians keep the circus alive of the blame game. The big fishes eat the small fishes, and the ruling government somehow, capitalizes on the “art of arresting their own fish meal”. 

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances; — William Shakespeare

Many politicians have entered the history and exited too – leaving many afloat to have their names included in the books, but then - they are just mere players of the system.

Late Zulfiqar Bhutto played his cards against PNA – Pakistan National Alliance, in 1977 elections, but the rigging fiasco ensued the coup of General Zia over the counter.

In May 2013 elections, Ayaz Sadiq - emerged as a cascading warrior of NA 122, who was elected unanimously on 3rd June 2013, to the Speaker’s seat of the National Assembly.

The Captain challenging on board four constituencies, have consumed lot of time – and NA 122, carries vital importance, as it caters to National Assembly Speaker’s destiny!

The 126 dharnas caused much havoc and now with NA 122 going back to the polls has made the Speaker’s seat vacant. Owing to Ayaz Sadiq’s absence, PML N did not fill the seat and hence, delay is caused in convening of the National Assembly session has started to affect the legislative work. At least five important bills passed by the Senate have lapsed due to the failure of the government to get them approved by the Lower House within 90 days.  All what PML N did care for was to make 90 days in action through the bulldozed Protection of Pakistan Ordinance!

Laughable, yet disturbing thoughts revolve - as Ayaz Sadiq never showed up in NA 122, since the day he became Speaker on 3rd June 2013– till now wherein, he daily attends corner meetings and rallies for more Speaker status – and less for the soul of Lahore.

The Speaker’s tenure has memories of supplementary questions and enforcing bull dozed legislations– with “Aye Aye Sir”, ignoring all the dissenting melodies and issues related to either absent or resigned parliamentarians.

Ayaz Sadiq is embarking upon the mandate of PML N hailing from Lahore, as he himself, is totally alienated from his constituency problems. Nevertheless, an army of Federal Ministers are to his rescue – raising slogans and calling out to lions on the streets to vote for the cats that are baited by the fishes!  

Classic example of abusing power is displayed by the engine of the campaign, who has mobilized a force of disguised railway police to coerce and harass the voters to come out on 11th October 2015 and stamp the cat to be lion of NA 122 – thus violating the basic right of the citizen to cast vote in favour of the candidate of his choice,

“The ballot is stronger than the bullet”    - Abraham Lincoln

But, dynamics exhibited by PML N in the electioneering has fatally challenged Abraham Lincoln’s quote to be unquoted as “Bullet is stronger than the Ballot”.

This coercion is worse than the pre-poll rigging exhibited in the false promises made to empower the farmers in the name of “Agriculture Booster” injection. The writer of the electioneering lion campaign – has forgotten that few weeks before the main mall roads were blocked on the issue of upscaled wheat prices. One can hope, they know the connection of wheat and farmers – if not the broken electricity connections of NA 122 constituency – where still one hour light comes and goes.

On the other side of the coin, carries Dongee ground slogans - which carried the reflections of 5th May 2013 rally - two days before the captain fell down from the jalsa stage on 7th May 2013 at Barkat Market in Lahore – which sends of an old questions, how a New Pakistan is made by the Captain, who cannot even manage a stage? And a question to his political workers – why could not they arrange a stretcher to carry their leader to ambulance?

The 4th October 2015, election rally was good in colours, but lesser in number as the dongee ground was not jammed pack, as it was on 5th May 2013. Primarily, the people of NA 122 – are exhausted from excessive load shedding – still prevailing and alienation from the false manifestoes uttered only – during electioneering campaign and forgotten after the results!

To play in the shadows of boots, the change agents want the vehicle carrying the ballot papers to be guarded by our Army. If the job of the boots - starts to clamp upon chasing the voyage of ballot papers and by-elections never ending process - our borders security would be compromised!

Crossing all the hurdles created by the lion supporters, Captain’s tigers and tigress just sip tea now - but are not interested in attending tea parties. Whatever, mandate Captain secured in the May 2013 elections – was banked upon the mandate of Mian Aslam who joined PTI on 17th April 2013, few days before the big game on 11th May 2013. Consequently, Captain embarking upon the vision of New Pakistan carries no validity in his name, except having convinced Mian Aslam to join his team – who has always been a seasoned player of NA 122.

The porous system of our electoral process cannot be even guarded by the Pentagon experts - thus, we can leave the election process to be labelled as “Untrue and Unfair” – qualifying the electoral process, as complicated - as finding a pin in the ocean! When one sees the zest displayed by the prominent politicians - rallying up to their confused manifestoes and shouting blatant statements of blame game, one can quote:

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind,

Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state”   -  Euripides, Orestes

Question arises, in this Political Showdown – if Ayaz Sadiq is elected once more to NA 122 and consequently, restored as the Speaker – would he still carry the respect among the masses? Obviously not – as in 2 years and 5 months, none of the yester promises were fulfilled by him.

Henceforth, if the Change Agent, Aleem Khan climbs the ladder of NA 122, would he live up to the constituency’s citizens’ expectations? Obviously not – as he is alienated from NA 122 problems and hence - will not be able to understand the “peoples’ language”.

Once again, the bells of National Assembly after being pro-rouged on 13th August 2015 shall ring – to remind the parliamentarians to attend their classrooms, but the voice of common man living in NA 122 – shall remain hidden behind the clouds. Hence, whoever is crowned as the king, the fact remains the streets of NA 122 - shall remain without light. 

                ...............................................the end.......................       

Writer is a Political Journalist and Media Strategist
Founder of 063 News (Press Agency)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sanders cited to support Left Wing Labour Party

Correct the Record vs. Bernie Sanders
Editors Note:
Correct the Record is a political research based organization - who is keeping an eye on the US Presidential Race. It has revealed that Sanders exhibited similarities with Jeremy Corbyn, a British MP, a left wing politician. Incidentally, Corbyn referred to Osama bin Laden's death as a tragedy.
* My readers of the blog, can very well evaluate, if anyone endorsing any thing about the Osama bin Laden would be under the eyes of western cold enemies and global intelligence agencies. Thus, Hillary Clinton is capitalizing on this fact for our election campaign competitive edge!!!!
** Till, Nov 2016, we can wait for many twists and turns ...
The Democratic primary has, so far, had little of the personal enmity that has marked the GOP race.
The one obvious exception came not from Clinton but from a close ally. A pro-Clinton super PAC, Correct the Record, circulated an email last month seeking to highlight purported similarities between Sanders and British politician Jeremy Corbyn, a left-wing Labour Party MP who had, at the time, just won his party’s leadership. 
The email included some of Corbyn’s most incendiary comments, including his belief that the killing of Osama bin Laden was “a tragedy” because it foreclosed any possibility of a trial for the al-Qaeda founder. 
The Sanders campaign sought to turn the furor to its advantage via a fundraising email in which the candidate said the attack was “the kind of onslaught I expected to see from the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson.”
Correct the Record’s founder, David Brock, declined to apologize for the email, telling Bloomberg Politics, This is just standard opposition research.”
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*Political Analyst & Journalist
- 063 News (Global Press Agency)

Feuds Fuel up GOP Republicans Race

The old adage that the "personal is political" is ringing true in the Republican race for the White House. 
The sheer size of the GOP field, as well as the outsized personalities of some contenders, has led to the most fractious contest in years.
Former Gov. Jeb Bush’s Florida rivalry with Sen. Marco Rubio is heating up, while Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) is taking shots at Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas). 

Democrats have — so far — been left behind when it comes to feuds and furors. But that could change if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) keeps gaining ground on frontrunner Hillary Clinton, or if Vice President Biden enters the race.
Here are some of the most compelling showdowns to date.
Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush
The antipathy between Trump and Bush seems real and intense. 
The Bush team was reported to be especially irked by the businessman’s description of their candidate as “low energy,” — which, of course, only prompted The Donald to continue with that line of attack. He later released an Instagram video suggesting Bush could help cure insomnia.
The former Florida governor has hit back. He said in August that certain, unspecified candidates “think that volume in their language is a kind of a version of leadership.” 
He noted that you “can’t helicopter in and leave” after Trump did just that at an event in Iowa.
And, this week, he suggested that Trump was too thin-skinned and needed to “put on his big boy pants.” The Trump-Bush tensions were on visual display on at least one occasion. At the second GOP debate in Simi Valley, Calif., the candidates were asked to suggest  a Secret Service codename for themselves.
Bush suggested “Everready,” saying to Trump, who stood alongside him, “Very high energy, Donald.” A smiling Trump held out a hand toward the former Florida governor, who smashed his palm down on Trump’s with conspicuous vigor.
Rand Paul vs. Ted Cruz
Although Paul and Cruz were once supportive of each other — ABC News noted on Thursday that Paul had campaigned for Cruz during the latter’s Senate run in 2012 — those days are long gone now. 
In recent days, the Kentucky senator has lacerated Cruz in unusually personal terms over the Texan’s accusation that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had been dishonest on the issue of the Export-Import bank.
Paul told Fox News Radio that Cruz’ was “stifled” and “done for” in the Senate, adding “it’s really because of personal relationships or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem.”
The following day, during an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Cruz suggested that Paul had hit out at him because of the endorsement the libertarian-minded Kentuckian had received from McConnell. “But I have no intention of responding to Rand’s attacks in kind,” he added.
Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio
The relationship between the one-time mentor and protege is several steps short of a full-blown feud, but there has been a notable ratcheting up of tensions between the two Floridians, especially as Rubio threatens to eclipse Bush in the polls.
Rubio has risen in part because of how he has portrayed himself as an advocate of fresh thinking and thus a break with the past. This is often interpreted as a jab at Bush, the son and brother of past presidents, as much as at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.
On Thursday, Bush struck back more directly than before, underlining his seniority to Rubio during an interview with MSNBC. “Marco was a member of the [Florida] House of Representatives when I was governor, and he followed my lead and I’m proud of that,” he said. 
Asked whether Rubio had the leadership skills to be president, Bush responded, “It’s not known.”
Carly Fiorina vs. Donald Trump
The businesswoman was widely perceived to have got the better of Trump during the second Republican debate after he prompted controversy with comments on her appearance.
The flap began when Rolling Stone published an interview with Trump. The businessman, glimpsing Fiorina on television, was reported as saying, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! I mean, she’s a woman and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”
Fiorina first told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly — another focus of Trump’s ire — “I think those comments speak for themselves.” A Fiorina-aligned super-PAC released a video that also sought to turn Trump’s comments in her favor.
But the debate was Fiorina’s best moment, as she told the audience in Simi Valley, Calif., “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.”
“I think she’s got a beautiful face and I think she’s a beautiful woman,” Trump interjected, coming closer than he normally does to walking back contentious remarks.
Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul
Paul and Christie have radically different views of many things, including how to balance national security and civil liberties. Christie has in the past called for Paul to be called before Congress if the United States were to be hit in a terrorist attack, citing the Kentuckian’s opposition to the bulk collection of phone records by the NSA.
At the first GOP debate in Cleveland in early August, Christie defended his earlier statements, prompting Paul to insist that he merely wanted “to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent Americans.”
Christie panned him for “a completely ridiculous answer” and derided Paul for “sitting in a subcommittee just blowing hot air about this.”
Not to be outdone, Paul accused Christie of having too much faith in President Obama, and alluded to his embrace of the president after Superstorm Sandy in the days before the 2012 presidential election.
“I know you gave him a big hug. And if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead,” Paul said. 

Editor's Note:
Who ever shall lead the GOP Race till the end, the question is that will "America be Great Again" as claimed by Trump?


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*Political Analyst & Journalist
- 063 News (Global Press Agency)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Biden's entry in US Presidential Race hurts Clinton's mandate

A Joe Biden presidential campaign would help Bernie Sanders by hurting Hillary Clinton, according to Democratic Party insiders and other experts.
Biden, whose ideology is more similar to Clinton’s than the left-wing senator from Vermont, would siphon off more of her supporters, according to most polls. 

“He should be leading the ‘Run, Joe, Run’ campaign,” said Joe Trippi, the Democratic strategist who ran former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. 
There is deep skepticism in Democratic circles that Sanders can expand his national support much beyond his current high-water mark of around 35 percent. 
With Biden in the race, however, that’s less of a problem. 
“If you make the race a 33-33-33 jump ball, then Sanders has a shot to tip that ball, and so does Joe,” said Trippi. “Whereas when you see this race with just Sanders and [Clinton], it goes 55-33, or whatever.”
Some pundits have argued that Democratic voters can be broadly divided into pro-Clinton and anti-Clinton camps, and that Sanders and Biden would hurt each other by splitting the votes of the dissenters. 
But that theory does not really hold water, according to Tom Jensen, the director of the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling firm.
“We generally find that supporters of Biden or Sanders like Hillary Clinton, they just like one of those two more,” he said. “It’s not really a disliking-Hillary issue. Both Biden and Sanders have people who really like them.”
Tad Devine, a senior adviser to Sanders, backed up that assessment.
“I don’t see the Bernie Sanders vote as being an anti-Hillary Clinton vote, I really don’t,” he insisted. “I’m sure there are some people who support him who don’t like her. But if you went to one of his events, people will say nice things about her… Whenever this question has been asked [in polls] — ‘Are you voting for him or against her?’ — it has been 90-10 that they are voting for him.”
Polling at this stage of a presidential race ought to carry a health warning.  That’s especially true of findings related to Biden, who has not yet entered the race and may never do so. Still, the data does indicate that a run by the vice president would at least narrow Clinton’s lead. 
An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this week gave Clinton a 15-point lead over Sanders, 53 percent to 38 percent, without Biden in the race. With Biden in, her lead shrank to 7 points. Under the second scenario, Clinton took 42 percent, Sanders 35 percent and Biden 17 percent. 
A CBS News poll earlier in September had better figures for Clinton overall but a similar pattern. It found that Sanders’ support would decline by just a single percentage point, from 28 percent to 27 percent, if the vice president ran; Clinton’s would fall by 11 points, from 58 percent to 47 percent.
There is definitely an anti-establishment vote out there ” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon, “What Biden is doing is taking some of the establishment vote away from Hillary.”
If Biden enters the race, the Sanders campaign is likely to argue he and the former secretary of State are cut from similar cloth. 
“I think if you start to get into the voting records, you are going to see a lot of similarities,” said Devine, the Sanders adviser.
Biden backed the invasion of Iraq and is perceived as close to the credit card industry because of his long career representing Delaware in the Senate.
Devine also suggested Biden would pose “immediate competition” for Clinton in the battle for establishment support among “voters, fundraisers or super-delegates.”
The kind of saturation media coverage that Biden would receive if he did announce his candidacy could theoretically pose a problem for Sanders. But it could even be worse for Clinton. 
“I am skeptical that would hurt [Sanders] too much,” said Jensen. “In general, the Republican race has gotten so much more attention than the Democratic race. If Biden gets in the mix, that just means a lot more attention for the Democratic race, which obviously means a lot more attention for Sanders as well.”
If you were standing in Sanders’ shoes, said Trippi, “what you want is for [Biden] to get as much coverage as he can get, so all those Hillary people who like him too take another look. 
“You want him to bleed votes off of her.” 
Edited By:
Kanwal Abidi
*Political Analyst & Journalist
- 063 News (Global Press Agency)