Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau 1st Press Briefing Script

Canada PM Justin Trudeau vows for “Real Change” in his First Press Conference:

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*Kanwal Abidi      063 News (Press Agency)

The father of Justin Trudeau, Pierre Elliott Trudeau won the Liberal leadership in 1968, he famously gave a speech saying that Canada “must be a just society.” On 19th Oct, 2015, Pierre Trudeau’s son and Canada’s new Prime Minister - designate Justin Trudeau’s victory speech shared many of the same themes.

PM Justin Trudeau stated in his victory speech, “the Canadians have chosen ‘Change, the Real Change - Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways. Look out now for Real Change’. This is what positive politics can do - this is what a positive hopeful vision of a team together can make it happen”.

After a resounding victory in the Canadian Election 2015, Trudeau held his First Press Conference with great zest and fervour – which even energized the media covering the press briefing.

Reporters asked him, if he would commit to a concrete emissions reduction target ahead of the Paris Summit on “Climate change” at the end of November. He said he will be meeting with other premiers ahead of the summit, and that the days of Canada being less than willing to act on the environment file are over.

Trudeau said he is planning to attend the G20 summit in Turkey, as well as other global conferences. He said he needs to balance the need to get a government up and running in Canada with the country’s commitments on the world stage.

Trudeau informed the reporters that “he would unveil his cabinet on 4th November 2015, which would have a prime aim to set up a “gender balance”.

Trudeau said he spoke to President Barak Obama when he gave him a congratulations’ call. Obama said the world leaders discussed Trudeau’s commitment to “end Canada’s bombing mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria” – a campaign promise – but didn’t commit to a timeframe, saying he will move forward with withdrawal in a “responsible fashion”.

Characterizing his conversation with Obama, Trudeau said it was very “warm and friendly”. Trudeau told the reporters that Obama also teased him “about his lack of gray hair and said that he would likely get some grays soon – just like him”. The leaders spoke about their children, and Obama encouraged the young leader to take advantage of every moment with them because they grow quickly.

On a serious note, he said the leaders discussed the fight against ISIS, the Keystone pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and the importance of deepening their bilateral relationship.

“I indicated to Mr Obama that I felt it was important Canada demonstrates a level of positive engagement on the environmental file” Trudeau said.

In addition to Obama, Trudeau said he also spoke with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande, Italy Prime Minster Matteo Renzi. His first conversation on Monday night was with Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto.

What accounts for Election 2015 success? “I think Canadians had an extraordinary desire for change,” Trudeau told reporters. He said, “The Liberal party’s - concrete but ambitious vision - inspired voters”.

Asked how he feels about the big victory, Trudeau responded: “I feel good about how the campaign went. I feel good about the kind of messages that we were able to share with Canadians and the response they gave to message of pulling people together in a positive way rather than the strategic division that has been a part of Canadian elections for so long ...”

 I’m also very aware of both the opportunity and responsibility that we have to live up to having put up a strong vision” stated Trudeau. He reminded the media by referring to his victory speech “Thank You for your trust, I would be First and Foremost to represent you at the House of Commons”. I am here, because You (Canadians) “You Put me Here”

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