Thursday, 5 November 2015

PPP raises questions on CPEC

Senator Taj Haider questions about implementation on CPEC projects

Karachi. 5.11.2015:
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary Senator Taj Haider has with regard to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) raised several questions.
He asked if it is a fact that the following road projects linking Gwadar with Quetta are ongoing projects started on dates given against their names long before the CPEC was initiated. This includes, Gwadar-Turbat-Hoshab approved in 1999, Hoshab – Nag- Basima – Surab approved in September 2007 and Zhob – MughalKot approved in 2010.
He asked, “Are the above roads being constructed on Motorway standards? Are these roads of the same specifications as those of the motorways being built on Eastern route?” “When is the construction of Motorway (confirming to standards and specifications) on the remaining portion of agreed route going to be started? What are the expected dates of their completion?”
The PPP GS asked whether a double track/single track railway line being built on the route agreed upon in the APC of 28th May 2015. If so what is its expected date of completion?
He also raised question on required power generation alongside the CPEC and asked what is the number and total generation capacity of power plants situated along the route agreed upon in the APC of 28th May 2015? Shall it will be enough to guarantee uninterrupted power supply to Industrial/domestic/export zone facilities planned along the ‘agreed route’?
He also asked if a fibre optic cable being laid along the agreed route. If so what is its expected of its completion and how many Industrial zones and export zones are being built along the route agreed in the APC of 28th May? What are their exact locations? How many Industrial units have been planned in these zones?
Senator Haider further asked if the Lahore Orange Line Meter Project worth 1.6 billion is included in CPEC.
News Edited By:
Kanwal Abidi      *Political Journalist
063 News (Global Press Agency)