Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dictated Meeting of Nawaz-Obama!


After the UN Session visit of PM Nawaz Shareef and his team, once again they have turned back to Washington for enhancing foreign policy matters. It would have better if another means would have been initiated – to avoid heavy travel expense on the government budget.

The prime agenda of US visit would be “economic recovery and market access” as cited by PM Nawaz Shareef on media briefing before leaving to Washington.

However, the 1.6 billion dollars aid by US to Pakistan is a “mirage” of financial resources to rescue Pakistani economy. The dollars pledged in Washington to be handed to Pakistan – is like a rope tied by US authorities to get their ulterior objectives achieved.

The financial infrastructure to be rescued by Washington would be “cooked” under the table by both sides and the “dollars baked” according to the choice of US Financial and Military Chefs.

Before PM Nawaz Shareef meets President Obama – he is scheduled to meet US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice! Who knows the implied agenda of Taliban Peace Talks and Drone Attacks would be sorted and accepted by Pakistan as the only recipe available!

If the real motive is “economy recovery and market access” - then PM Nawaz Shareef should be meeting the dynamic lady - Janet Yellen and not Susan Rice!

Janet Yellen would be the first woman to head US Central Bank as its Federal Chairperson, after being recently nominated by President Obama in the institution’s 100 years history. She would take charge after S Bernanke retires next year on Jan 31.

What is needed at this hour is a solution to our economic recovery and to control the ever growing appreciation of US currency! Dealing with issues of Taliban Peace talks and Drone Attacks is likely to be dictated by Obama Administration – rather than being negotiated.

What will follow is anybody’s guess! US Authorities will once again act as international policeman and enforce their terms on every aspect and our country would keep getting “Baked in Washington!”