Sunday, 24 November 2013


Letter To The Editor !!!!      The Nation & USA Today

The 10th September 2013 speech of Obama had a American flavor of "No Boots on the Ground" &"Limited Strikes" - if US goes for a military solution in Syria!

The 23rd November 2013 - historic deal of Iran - US deal - has rejoiced Iranians but at the same time - US ally Israel is on a "cold front" with them!

Obama's diplomacy is to use the word "limited" when he wants to save his Oval Office from any public embarrassment or a cross fire of Senate hearings!

Shortly - after the deal was signed around 3.00 am - 23rd November , President Obama made a speech and spoke from the State Dining Room in the White House. He hailed it as the most “significant and tangible” progress of a diplomatic campaign that began when he took office.

“Today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure,” he said, “a future in which we can verify that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon.”

However - the accord was a disappointment for Israel, which had urged the United States to pursue a stronger agreement that would lead to a complete end to Iran’s enrichment program. But Iran made it clear that continuing enrichment was a prerequisite for any agreement.

Obama addressed those concerns in his speech, insisting that the easing of sanctions could be reversed if Iran failed to reach a final agreement or reneged on the terms of this one.

This limited sanctions relief can be accomplished by executive order, allowing the Obama administration to make the deal without having to appeal to Congress.

Obama wants to play safe with his Senators and Israel - who is not much in favor of this deal - yet keep its ball rolling on the "Irani Sites". Whether is it paused at 5% uranium enrichment or at 20 % upscale - America has kept it self safe with a Limited enrichment sanctions plan.

Thus, Obama seems to have launched his own White House "Obama Limited Company" when it comes to dealing his friends and foes!

Kanwal Abidi
24th November 2013