Thursday, 12 December 2013

Chuck Hagel Military Drama in Pakistan

Letter to Editor: The Nation

Chuck Hagel Visit

The recent visit of Chuck Hagel (real name, Charles Timothy) to Pakistan is another classic example of camouflaged meeting between United States Secretary of Defense and Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and Federal Minister for Defence Khawja Asif. This meeting came after the Pak – Afghan dialogue has taken place in Afghanistan regarding the US Military Withdrawal in 2014.

Under discussion came the topics of NATO supply – which as expected made US once again to act as “International Policeman” and dictate its terms on Pakistani Authorities. The problems attached with Haqqani network – will remain a challenge like a circle of a ring!

The irony is witnessed on the NATO supply routes where workers of PTI on the instructions of Imran Khan, Chairman PTI – had earlier blocked the roads to stop the NATO supply “trucks” and create a menace for the transporters community.

Mr Chuck Hagel is only doing what is dictated to him in terms of finalizing agreements on upper level of Defence Ministry on Pakistan and US. The Pentagon must have sent a “mapping of military men” to keep their position in the Afghanistan and to assure that NATO supply is not blocked.

But I would like to offer a cup of tea to Mr Chuck, US Authorities and Pakistani High Officials – to visit those roads where massive amount of harassment takes place with the “truck” drivers on the en route of NATO Supply. Instead of getting cameras flashed to make headlines – they should also see the batting line of the opposition parties netting the drivers on the roads, in the name of protests!


 9th Dec 2013