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Chameleon Circus on 5/11

Political Pandora Around The Chowk on 5/11

We as citizens of Pakistan - are forced to witness the grand show of the “chameleon circus” on 5/11 and on the other side, we are left wishing for a magical genie to save us from our endless miseries. Saga of melodrama does not demand political wisdom here, but the “rule of law” that there is “no law!”

With serious threats to our national security and uncontrolled chaos being ratchet up at every corner – the least, we can demand is a peaceful Sunday to gather our senses to face the gruesome week ahead. But, here on Sunday 5/11, the political “Pandora box” is open to take on the show – where we can just wait and see the chameleons’ putting on a mask to conceal their true faces.

Good news by Hamza Shahbaz that on 5/11 there will be no load shedding. Isn’t it amazing when these leaders adjust the watts according to their “power threshold?” Is this a real blessing to the citizens to have no load shedding that day or a Catch 22situation to trick people to keep people in doors?

Former President Asif Ali Zaradari rescued his party in the “name of democracy” by stating - that they do not favor any protests on roads - which challenge the “pious military bells”. Now I can see how Zardari steered his full 5 years democratic term. I will indeed, praise his political wisdom for adopting the stance of a Pious Chameleon for playing on the back foot ranch, by saying though we oppose the rigging, but we still accept government mandate - in the name of democracy!”

One of the loudspeaker players is Diesel Chameleon – who is fast moving his locomotive to wave hand to the government that hold my hand or else your carriages will be thrown off the track. Maulana’s one smile, one frown face is just good for a public speaking rally, with no real meaning inside his own mosque!

On the other hand, the Red Chameleon will be hitting off “The Chowk” by announcing a train march from 20th June 2014 and by shaking the sleeping youth on the note - “do not count the blessings of load shedding bestowed by Model Chameleon Brothers - but drive a locomotive faster than Diesel!”

The two great chameleons, Canadian Captain and White Captain - are surely to move only paid workers on roads – as they have played poorly with the emotions of disheartened youth.

Orchestrated rallies are not won on the roads through emotions, but - political wisdom, which sadly no chameleon has demonstrated so far. And if there was any true leader – then “no containers” can stop the inner revolution.

The hearts are dis-orchestrated already, due to the melodrama staged by Taher ul Qadri’s container, where he perked inside warmly, leaving his public to the nature’s mercy. Whether containers are hidden out in some Margalla Hills, through video link, Master of No Politics – Taher ul Qadri, shall hopelessly flash the “white paper” to the public - whose manifesto is written by some invisible hand.

On the other hand, the “White Chameleon” - has left no hope in the minds of wise! Bringing the 13 pointer “charter of demand” to The Chowk – Imran Khan is either on a false hope or a paid voyage to pull the roller coaster in the red zone. After derailing of his own KPK trusted political colleagues – he has proved himself to be on the highest rank of chameleons’. His recent boycott of a private news channel has stamped him as Master of Drama Politics!

Taher ul Qadri and Imran Khan, both want to play the ring master role of chameleon circus at the chowk or off the chowk – but, fact remains that public in general is disoriented from either.

The famous quote of Ch Nisar, the official "Interior Chameleon" - that “Islamabad is safe” should be rephrased as “Islamabad is cave” for all these ring masters who want to change their political stance driven by ulterior motives rather than common man welfare.

Interesting notion behind this circus commotion – is Article 6 has been embedded, which shall take away the General Chameleon from Karachi to overseas, leaving the Khwaja Chameleons awestruck in this circus.

Whereas, the enchanted bells will leave us deaf in the name of unending peace talks – the Suo Motto Chameleon (ex CJ SC) will be secretly laughing on the magnetic inks and the buzz on the "gone with the wind elections". He would be stepping on a frontal launch pad - by passing his cap to Junior Chameleon (Arslan Iftikhar) who is coming soon to a theatre near you!

5/11 will pass and another day will start! No protests can solve the dilemmas of common man who is awaiting justice. 9/11 laid an edifice for Caucasians’ to enter Afghanistan – so let us pray that 5/11 does not challenge the democracy - as no one wants “boots on the ground”.

We all have come to the conclusion - that no pious military bells can catch the main Article 6 traitor, but the Suo-Motto hero  – whose shrewd thumb has made everyone zero - shall continue to haunt the "Benches Chameleons" without "bars".

Let us pray that our Sunday 5/11 remains dedicated to the script of “holy chameleon circus” and nothing like 9/11 is seen or whispered as another Tahrir Square.

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