Monday, 2 February 2015

Attack on Photojournalist (UAE)

Letter to the Editor
The Khaleej Times
Horrifying  Attack on the Photojournalist

Dear Sir,

Words are not enough to pen down in a letter about the attack on Sajjad, photojournalist at Khaleej Times, who was on his duty as an investigative journalist to hunt the trail related to the illegal herbal medicine sales in Rolla Bazaar, Sharjah.

 Consequently, he came in clash with three Afghan men who feared that the pictures he took from his camera will duly affect their business. They brutally beat him which resulted in his hospitalization in Kuwaiti Hospital. Sharjah Police acted promptly to arrest two men, while the third man fled to Al Ain, who later surrendered to the police.

Stringent measures should be taken to check upon the import of medicines and UAE Airport authorities should keep an eye out for bulk medicines coming from any part of the world.

Attack of any kind on media is strongly condemnable and at no cost it should be tolerated that journalists' are brutally beaten up.

The culprits should be given exemplary punishment so that no one dares to assault on media personnel and an environment should be created whereby, journalists can perform their duties in the line of "Freedom of Speech!"

By:   Kanwal Abidi  

         Journalist & Political Analyst
         Founder of 063 News

        - Based in Dubai, UAE

Dated: 23rd Jan 2015