Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mother Gets Justice

Happiness Returned to the Cradle: 
           - 40 days old child recovered

By: Kanwal Abidi

063 News (Global Press Agency)


A mother’s heart bleeds, when her child goes missing. A 40 days child is as innocent as angel and is NOT aware of who is picking him up.  Imagine a mother’s heart condition, her traumatic emotions - when she wakes up to find an empty cradle?

Such case was witnessed, on 17th Sept 2015 - when Sajida (mother) brought her 40 days old sick child, Mohd Umar to the emergency of NICH hospital. Rani was present besides Sajida, as per the plan – to visit sick child and then find opportunity to commit the crime.

In the wee hours of night – Rani took her happiness away, her innocent angel away - by giving her drugged juice. When Sajida woke up from “sedative sleep” - she did not find her child, thus she raised hue and cry. Consequently, a case was registered in PS Saddar Town and the “unknown” suspects were booked under the FIR 363/36 - with the complaint number of 266/15.

Sajida was divorced by her first husband, Ghulfam Khan who is working as Police Constable in the Central Jail – and allegedly he purported to weave out the plan to abduct her ex-wife - Sajida’s child, born from her 2nd husband and give it to Rani Khan and Rizwan Khan - a childless couple.

Ghulfam had a bad eye on Sajida’s son – and plotted with Rani Khan to kidnap the child from hospital, along with her husband Rizwan Khan, who helped them carry out the crime.

However, SSP Investigation (South) worked day and night to trace the kidnappers. CCTV footage was obtained of the surroundings of NICH hospital and the emergency ward - where the child, Mohd Umar went missing. Clear footages of Rani was seen, carrying a sleeping child in her arms and two men walking aside her. With the help of neighborhood people statements and the trail of CCTV footages, the investigation team – tracked down the alleged kidnappers.

Consequently, on 30th November 2015, raid was conducted by South Zone police team and the child was recovered from Jaffar Tayyar Society, Malir - along with the kidnappers.

Henceforth, a press conference was conducted by DIG South, Dr Jamil Ahmed – to update the case findings and also to present the kidnappers - Rani, Ghulfam and Rizwan Khan.

Dr Jamil Ahmed also stated that Rani, the main culprit who kidnapped the child - was asking forgiveness from Sajida, Umar’s mother. She admitted of her crime, in front of the media and said that she made Sajida go to sleep - by giving her juice mixed with sedative drugs. However, credit should be given to our police “to bring back joy of mother” by putting Umar back in the cradle.     

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The excerpt of the story written by KANWAL ABIDI - *Information gained through a LIVE Press Briefing held at DIG South office in Karachi, 30th Nov 2015.