Thursday, 4 July 2013

Field of Soul (A thought provoking poem on search of soul-mate)

Field of Soul !
By losing myself
I want to win
The path of field!
Where the pastures
Are not green
Are not warm
Yet, serene!

I want to over throw
Fear of winning
The world’s wealth!
As soul is
As soul is
As soul is
Immeasurable! ….
The soul search
Leads me to
Unexplored field!
Where immaculate love
Exists ---
Where immaculate soul

Patience is virtue
When soul follows
The truth … on earth!
To a path
Leading to success in life
Which is yearning?
Death in your arms
To awaken
In a Field ---
Where the journey
To next world
I call upon
Yonder ----
To awaken
My love in you! …
So await me!
In the …

Field of soul!


Kanwal Abidi (This poem has been written for those who seek true love and soul mate)