Saturday, 20 July 2013

Politically Yours - 11th May 2013

Politically Yours!
Good Luck to new cabinet but, fulfill your claims!

By: Kanwal Abidi

The end of electioneering saw the mayhem of 11th May 2013 which triggered a series of rigging and power politics game. The 100 meter race of jalsas, corner meetings, political lounges at hot shot clubs are over now – but, only to do a second round on a relay track.

I will quote an editorial excerpt of Late M.A.Zuberi – as I have always admired him for his courage and consistency with which he has written golden words – only if any of the leaders now care to read it and understand that they need to be “ethically sincere!”

“we have failed to organize well disciplined political parties with proper rules and clear objectives, faithful registered, membership who would work and propagate their point of view peacefully and without violence, who would consider all issues fairly and objectively, work out agreements patiently and sensibly, give all sides equal opportunity to air their views and let the will of one prevail upon the others through recourse to free and fair elections held in peace and without violence. And all this is not all. The victor has to ensure most scrupulous, fair and honest balancing of his own views and that of the opposition……………………………we ask all those who claim to represent the people, wherever they are, to analyze the situation, channel their patriotism into civilized actions and subject themselves to the majesty of the people’s will.”
                       Late  M.A.Zuberi (January 30, 1985)

This Election 2013 was an outclass match, where rigging was done on home ground by the players hitting their shot from the opponent’s batting line! When a match is fixed, it also has its certain “evil” principals. But the fiasco of this Election 2013 reflects a cocktail flavor where the blender machine got electrocuted. But, taking the Pareto Principal into consideration of 80:20, then credit should be given to ECP for conducting them on time and sailing their boat through the stormy day of 11th May 2013. Astonishing fact is that pre-poll rigging was also done – where certain fundamentalist did not let the all time favorite players do the net practice. The re-polling has been done in certain constituencies and people now settling by and large with the fact that yes – Elections 2013 are over and new government set to take its oath on 1st June, 2013.

The start off is with great zest and determination of the elected “clan” – which shall soon form a cabinet. Though KPK - by and large would be a large area to rule by the new players but if their net practice is not strong, and then the arrogance will be at par with the Israel arrogance of steel welding of Arab unity. However, the gigantic Punjab would be smooth to run for the elected “clan” but they need to watch out on South Punjab side. The pitch is damp there. In Sindh, the passive players turned out to be the clean sweepers. With no conspicuous public gatherings, posters and banners hung around every corner, their “jialas” did hit six runs by getting more than expected seats overall. They will prove to be strong repellants to the elected “clan” – however, mospel liquid of climate “change” will not make difference to their protective layer. And neither, they can catch dengue – as they are seasoned players and politicians in all senses. The Balochistan will also follow up with the elected “clan” as they are tired of their insurgencies and inner sectarian clashes; they also need peace like any of us.

This reminds me of a peace message by ending of the famous film “Terminator”, the machine (Arnold Schwarzenegger) destroys himself to protect the humanity – “if a machine understands the value of human life – then so can we! Therein, is a message to our new cabinet - to protect and value human life!

However, our nation’s respected leaders, I wish you best of luck and its not only high time but also the right time to get our country out of the problems existing at grass root level – where a common man ask for his right of survival – let luxuries be only a dream in his sleep!

Politically Yours
(For starters - give a peaceful sleep to us by restoring light so we can dream peacefully! The full menu will come itself in front of the public, and hopefully when the desert is served – you won’t forget your dear nation)

Citizen of Pakistan