Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bombers and Worshippers: Crackers and Tailors!

         A must read for you to "re-think" what we are leaving behind 4 youth!

The Farooquia Masjid firing, early in the morning on eid day, in Quetta, killed 6 and injured many – left a dilemma in the minds of the “worshippers”- should we offer Eid Namaz or not? Many men were forced to stay indoors and say their namaz by their wives and children! One blast occurs and the churn of events having emotional and psychological impact is far more pervasive than the gun shots on the ground. Another striking thing which might be off the record, we as viewers – keep on switching the channels and state that “yes, they have gotten injured but surely not in our area” – and then switch to other channel for other news. We have gotten so immune to this bomb culture – that our conscience is lying somewhere sleeping! Major trickers on TV run to inform us that the injured from the firing incident shifted from Quetta to Karachi! Have we thought - why can’t they be accommodated and treated in Quetta and the emotional ordeal of the victims’ family? What trauma they go through in traveling and searching for their loved ones in Karachi – and that too in the government hospitals? Major upheaval in our thoughts and awakening of a new horizon is needed to deal with bombers and their ever growing radicalization – which is making Pakistan go on headlines every day! Our foreign policy office should be on toes rather than busy in prayers!

Story goes on…
Nothing on my mind - except crackers, bombs and blasts! I was at the new branch of KFC, Kh-e-Rahat with my children at iftar dinner, when this drama happened! Around 3 cracker blasts took place in DHA and 4th one near Moti mahal - and all were in front of wine shops, giving the owners a certain warning! But they could have resorted to some other means of negotiation – rather than scaring the neighborhood!

My small children asked me “can we change our country please- we can’t even have a burger in peace!” Do you have an answer to the questions lurking in their minds?

A question to ask the NA 250 leaders of PTI – in march you advertised so much in the corner meetings that, “vote for PTI , vote for change and we will give you a peaceful Karachi!” My children even participated in your mega car rallies and walks. Now they ask me, about eating French fries in peace? Please answer them– why did you make them walk for you? Why did you make all the Defence, Clifton crowd walk in the name of change? Why did you get the youth out on sea view for mega car rally, when you cannot even stop free rides of cracker blasts at The Village Restaurant – Sea View?

Why you can’t in return run back for NA 250 citizens and KPK is a wild goose chase? Let alone, whole Pakistan – what change you could have offered us – if voted to power in the Federal? Mobile courts and online FIR though a good idea – is not workable for the people who want simple bread and butter – with a corrupt free police desk!

PTI forgot how many have the access to computers and internet – and if they had, how many are tech-savy to make use of your online FIR! A better option would have been an open court system, photocopied on a pattern seen in the Mughal history of Akbar the Great! The Din I Ilahi of 1582 AD, could have done a target-game in our country, better than the faults of the 18th Amendment – which have put the Provincial and Federal Government on the tug of war games! Akbar the Great, philosophy of One Bell by the common man – and the leader is answerable - could have jolted our leaders better than anything!

The constant SMS on our cell phones, ended the day of re-polling on 19th May 2013! And the dharna was also a lost cause at three swords. What did you mean by choosing the “three swords” to incite a crowd and risk their lives on 19th May 2013, night?  Did you want us to see a new ideology of Pakistan? Or ignite a political cold-war?

The miscreants left the holy night of 27th Ramdhaan and chose the 28th Ramdhaan night- for their bombers and crackers mission! Probably they were busy praying to God the night before and preparing their “radicalized minds” to kill the innocent Lyari children – who had come to enjoy a football match.

The funniest part of the cracker blasts was seen at few tailor shops around Saba Commercial and Kh-e-Rahat location- tailors already doing late sittings to earn double round the Eid – were sweeping the broken windows away, as they claimed that few reporters had come and interviewed them. They wanted to show off their tailor-tag shops in the camera hoping to be in some breaking news.

Shezad of SK tailor and boutique, whose shop was at the intersection of popular avenue and kh-e-rahat – just behind the wineshop, told me that as there were 3 cracker blasts in DHA - so the reporters were being dropped off – only for “live beepers” to be given in their respective news room! DSNG’s were fallen short of transport that day to meet the pace of “crackers ride!” The news producers couldn’t decide which camera to switch on from The MCR! All in all – it was a classical mayhem of “footloose!”

Seeing so much enthusiasm among the crowd on the Cracker day of 28th Ramdhan night – a live show telecasted on the problems of tailors would have earned that TV channel a few more rating points. They had kept their shops opened till late night as police men were seen interrogating them on any “suspicious movements” witnessed by them and also they waited for their Eid tailoring payments!

I hope that some of our electronic media producers churn up a show “Common Man – Talk show” – where a common man can come and speak “for their problems, by their problems, of their problems!” I assure you that you need no feasibility for its success as it will touch “the pulse” of the nation!

Further, a good, one liner topic for the anchors and producers to do a talk show on: “the children demanding peace in country- which is bomb free!” Invite in your show parents - who are in constant tension to cope with their children questions on our national security: private security guards agencies owners – as their business is ever rising to the demand of guards: the shop keepers facing bhata challenges. Do not forget to invite few children who want to change their nationality. May be if our politicians see them, they hide their own passports behind the already “dual nationality” hyped documents!


One of my very close friends recently shifted to Islamabad from UK due to her husband’s change in business product line. She says ever since she has come to Pakistan, their children keep them on toes and demand their parents to return to UK. They say they want to give up their “green passport” where “248 prisoners are on loose!” Such qualitative impact of bomb blasts and terrorists hide and seek, is seen everywhere, in each household there is a different story to tell and share – just the angle is different in the 360 degree of “bomb and cracker” culture.

We are giving a lovely Eid gift in the shape of haunting memories of bomb blasts - to our youth and children, the flag carriers of Pakistan – who would probably take a microscope and hunt the house of Quaid-e-Azam at Ziarat Residency!



       Free lance journalist, political analyst and President – Mishal Welfare Trust.

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