Monday, 26 August 2013

Independence ReTweet!

Letter to Editor:                                              
Ban Ki Moon please “Re-Tweet” Pakistan and India!

14th August and 15th August 2013 has dawned with the sun mocking at the LOC – probably shining at a higher intensity to drain both sides to its maximum, yet reflecting with its glare, 66 years gone and nothing has changed!

The NUST University Independence Celebration and the stance of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on the NUST podium addressing the students - was derision to what our current political scenario is – what are the urgent policies required to handle LOC crisis!

Instead of spending hours and hours on VIP dinners and meetings, if Ban Ki Moon would have advised the PM Nawaz Sharif to hire a “Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs” – with “immediate effect”, he would have done us all an “immediate favor!

We can’t afford a war or even spend time on thoughts of its possibility!

The UN Secretary General – Ban Ki Moon said that “I know that Kashmir is a long standing issue, but the UN military observers (UNMOGIP) has been trying to prevent any conflict across the Line of Control.” He further added, “You should know that UNMOGIP is not mandated with any political role. So, these political issues should be handled and discussed by the leaders of both governments.”

How conveniently, he avoided the LOC issue with “pure 100% diplomatic” answer – with no sugar added, by saying that both sides should “discuss!” He didn’t bother to firmly put this issue down on the table for two to talk!

To save hundreds and thousands of both sides citizens from the “emotional trauma” - Ban Ki Moon – should have logged on to both sides higher echelon and “Re-Tweeted” India and Pakistan and in the end click – “favorite! Which side? Is anybody’s guess!



Concerned, Borderless Citizen

- Karachi