Friday, 28 February 2014

President Mamnoon lacks Legislative Vision

Non legislative President

When William Hague visited Lahore in July 2013, he tweeted “Lahore is Paris” which became a cause of my laughter but, now when our President is on official tour of China, I want to cry!

If he would have shown some concern and seriousness to tackle the situation of the country, since he became President, we all would not be in a passive “state of emergency”.

Description: Pakistan ready to enhance communication with China\'s legislative body: MamnoonWhen President Mamnoon met the top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang, both leaders pledged to strengthen the friendly engagement between the two neighbor countries. Zhang who is the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) said that the two sides need to enrich their strategic partnership and upgrade bilateral cooperation.

But when our President affirmed Zhang’s statements and stated that Pakistan is ready to enhance communication with China’s legislative body, I would like our President to read Article 232 and 247 with a clear vision where to steer the country?

Every citizen of Pakistan is mentally burdened with what will happen next? Are we safe to step out of our home? When media is attacked so openly, then who shall write for the truth? In the end who shall read?

When the cause itself is so grave then to discuss its evils would be a never ending process. Therefore we shall land in a pile of letters to apologists – if timely and effective legislations do not take precedence in government’s agenda and are “not bulldozed” on rainy days, raising questions on the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance beyond its horrors.


           *Political Analyst & Journalist