Wednesday, 5 March 2014

One Column On One Page War


Climax of Global Climate can be overstated – but the climax of peace talks coming on one page of agreement on sharia parameters VS the Constitution of Pakistan cannot be understated.

On 6th September 2013, all eyes were on All Parties Conference (APC), which turned more into hallucinated Shakespeare melodrama of coming on one page of APC conclusion – a well versed form of All Parties Chaos (APC). It reflected on making “peace an evergreen” issue of debate and analysis only and not being on the forefront of implementing any national security policy.

Let us take a look on the other side of the world in Geneva where “Friends of Syria” have become “Foes of Syria”. The historic deal of Iran and US on 23rd November 2013 - marked a beginning of new era for Iranians, but they were unaware of the latent challenges of countries of P5 + 1. US dream to bring Geneva 2 on one page of transition government in Syria turned into stalled peace talks – making Obama administration weary of Bashar Al Assad standing in the July 2014 elections as President once again.

The Nuclear bomb issue is seen by Israel as a chance to revisit their “one page of strategic alliance” on west bank challenges posed by Palestinians Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Recognizing the Gulf Union challenges, Israel has “reset the policy” with Iran and are more keen to solve the complexities of Syrian war.

The Iranian deal is a mere reflection of nuclear talks, when the real game is played on the chess table of the demand of a “transition government without Assad” by the Syrian rebels as per Geneva Communiqué. But, Bashar al Assad cannot be swayed easily – therefore, Russia has stepped into the limelight of pushing Syrian opposition allies on the ground of a political solution after Geneva talks being stalled.

Thus, expecting Obama to come on one page with Bashar al Assad – is as challenging as asking our seven committee members to remove the benign peace deadlock between Pakistan and Taliban.

Rewinding our memories on the 9/11 World Trade Center debacle – one can clearly recall the issue of extremism going at high rise when having a beard was considered a signal to Caucasians to stay at a distance. Even after the decade of events, the suicide bombers theory to devolve their being in blast to earn heaven – still remains a “one page mystery” to Pentagon policy makers.

Recently, the revelations in Pakistan about “paid suicide” bombers have left many think tanks to scratch their own philosophy of suicide bomber “one page psyche” to “blow up others and earn heaven”. Consequently, unaddressed issues of extremism have given rise to the paid brains of the extremists to achieve a short cut to heaven.

When a blast does occurs, immediately we see cameras focusing the ball bearings in the hands of forensic investigators - while tickers of politicians condemning the blast run on the TV screens. Next thing on the board is a ban on pillion bike riding. After few hours of commotion, we forget the bombers and worshippers episode - to watch the next “one page news” that “suicide bombers” are for sale – and anyone can import them for their ulterior motives.

Next day, ban is lifted on pillion riding – leaving question as to why were the innocent bike riders harassed by traffic wardens, while the real culprits rolled the ball bearings and escaped as “prisoners of unknown galore”. Such gross mockery of “dignity of man” is witnessed in every corner of Pakistan, where Article 14 remains “null and void”. Thus, dignity of man can now be exploited on “one page of credible information” and confined behind bar in preventive detention under reasonable assurance. The shoot at sight orders of suspected perpetrators’, is a serious threat to the citizens rather than acting as hindrance to terrorism itself. Thus, is there anyone who can rectify the Anti-Terrorism Bills jeopardy in real sense to evolve the spirit of Protection of Pakistan?

If Pakistan shall accept any conditions on its sovereignty then the “one page war” shall infiltrate beyond all borders. Before this limit comes, it is best that Pakistan gets inspired by its international friend US into adopting its theory of bipartisanship policies at highest level and to find a common ground in settling with the non-state actors.
To come on one page solution is not an end, but means to its end. It can be successful only if both sides of the parties find a common ground which is the “need for a strong legislation”, which amends the old British laws and acts according to the Islamic principles of trading and living an authentic code of Muslim life. Let’s begin with eliciting the Article 31, Clause 1 and 2, in its real sense which incorporates the true essence of basic concepts of Islam - and then off course “implementing” on the sharia principles.

Peace talks have minimal chances of success, yet we can hope to follow the ongoing battle for Gulf Union on the helipad of Syrian Conflict – which has taken a turnaround of keeping Bashar al Assad on “one page with Russia and Iran, which are primarily at par by re setting their foreign policy with US. This has resulted in the cold anger of Saudi Royalties’ – and to calm them Obama shall be visiting them in March 2014.

This leaves Pakistan in great jeopardy where it shakes hands with Saudi Arab, yet maintain its political stance with Iran. The Foreign Ministry of Iran has threatened to send troops in Pakistan if the government does not solve the issue of recent abduction of Iranian border guards taken in Pakistan custody on February 6. The senators in opposition have taken serious notice of the impact of recent Saudi delegation visit to Pakistan and at the same time have questioned the “one page foreign policy” of the government in tackling relations with Iran - while floating in the Saudi ship.  

Thus, the future war to come on “one page of currency” of Gulf Union – might challenge the euros’ euphoria, yet it shall still keep Britain fueling the Syrian rebels. When the world powers are moving towards the Gulf Union – in Pakistan, we are still discussing the issue of constitution to comply with sharia?

Our political leadership has mocked APC to become All Parties Chaos, since September total confusion prevails, thus government needs to keep Pakistan sovereignty on top priority. Peace through political dialogue and humanitarian aid should be on the main “one page agenda” to address the immediate needs of thousands of internally displaced people who require as much care as Syrian refugees.

Military operations have never brought justice to address the issues of extremism; instead history has proved it results in the hazards of refugee crisis and more victims on the parameters of collateral damage. Our parliamentarians should be addressing these issues on a “one page war” footing, rather than staging walkouts or stating policy statements under the air conditioned assembly halls – where names of Allah are engraved on the Parliament House dome. Tent cities need to be set up around areas of North Waziristan - without losing time, as already the bombardment have started to add to the miseries of innocent collateral victims.

The Durand Agreement in 1863, henceforth witnessed many movements till now upon its territorial jurisdiction – thus to take FATA as a problem of Pakistan will not solve any issue. What is needed is to respect the sentiments of people of FATA on to “one page of citizenship of Pakistan. Under Article 1, clause 2 (c), it clearly states that FATA is part of Pakistan, thus to even debate upon the issue of Citizenship Act related to people of tribal areas is a sheer waste of legislative business.
The Parliamentarians should take this peace opportunity to come on “one page of legislation” by fixing the loopholes of Contract Act 1872, Transfer of Property Act 1882, The Criminal Procedure Code 1898, The Court Frees Act 1870 and many more acts which are waiting for due justice to them.

Consequently, sharia shall evolve itself in every nucleus of the brain – once we all come on “one page of implementation” by human constitutional conscience, along with political ownership to respect the preamble of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Let the parliamentarians act now, before 2014 ends - which is challenging every hour the sanctity of Pakistan’s map. Henceforth, we as citizens should take pride in our country and be true Muslims by heart - where five times prayer is not a burden on our schedule, but a selfless enhancement of our soul to remain on “one page of existence”!

The question of going to heaven after life hereafter or living in hell today – lies in searching the answers within our own parameters of existence.

- Karachi      
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The writer is a Political Analyst & Journalist