Thursday, 23 January 2014

BILAWAL Sweets not Tweets !!!

Letter to the Editor - DAWN


Living on a bomb shell – has become the mental state of every citizen.

In such circumstances, to tweet behind the “twitter wall” and acclaim that “Go man go, kill the terrorists” and “Go man go - protect the honor of every sister” – is not needed!

Indeed he is the only politician taking a strong stance against the terrorists – but we do not need to be vocal about it. We need strategy of political solution. What we need is Bilawal as Chairman of largest political party to say “come forward man come forward n let’s talks over the table” – a peace dialogue is much needed to deal with the situation of Pakistan.

If Bilalwal B Zardari cares to see what social media is talking off and what is the existing trend of sentiments of his esteemed nation – then he would not be sending “Bilawal Sweets” to us.

At this hour, political maturity demands that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari calls off the Sindh Cultural Festival. People are talking of Sindh 2 from Sindh 1 – in such circumstances, if so called “security” is not letting him come to the land of Pakistan, and then he should not be handing out sweets to the citizens in shape of his tweets – but practically show solidarity with the nation.

KANWAL ABIDI   - (Political Analyst & Journalist)
-          Karachi
-          22nd JAN 2013