Thursday, 30 January 2014

MNA Marvi Memon Speech (NA 7th Session)

“Mentoring & Monitoring” of PM Business Loans

MNA Marvi Memon, PML N, took the floor of the National Assembly on 18th Dec 2013 - with full force and determination to speak about the PM Business Loan.  

She highlighted the importance of the loan in the perimeter of injecting “equity” for the youth to take advantage of the “financial capital” being offered to them through this platform.

Further, she said that “entrepreneurial skills are needed to make the dreams of youth flourish.” She categorically stated ages of 21 years to 40 years to apply for the loan. Also she informed the house that the condition of being educated is not there – any illiterate man who possess some kind of special skills of entrepreneurship, he or she can obtain the loan.

She mentioned that in the 1st ballot of the successful loans to be granted, 15000 applicants will be chosen and then in the second month other 15000 be chosen and so on monthly basis the balloting will be done of the loan applicants.

Marvi Memon mentioned about great devotion to PM Business Loan in terms of “mentoring & monitoring” which is needed to make it a successful program. Henceforth, the steps taken to mentoring is being done by the party workers and the bank officials.

She came out strong on the floor to defend the position adopted by Maryam Nawaz Shareef as its Chairperson who is playing a vital role in the process of “mentoring” the whole team of PM Business Loan. Further, she added “Maryam Nawaz Shareef is taking keen and personal interest in the program to take it on the path towards success.”

Primarily, monitoring is done by Senator Nuzhat Sadiq and MNA Marvi Memon to ensure smooth flow of the process involved in imparting the loans. They both have visited the people at grass root level and the designated branches to “check upon” the applicants that they are being properly attended to and thereby, weigh the mileage achieved by the PM Business Loan.

Reporting BY:       
Kanwal Abidi
  • -          Islamabad   (7th NA session of Dec 2013)
  • -          Political Analyst & Journalist