Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wake Up President under Article 247

NO Follow Up on Senate Sessions
Wake Up Call to PRESIDENT under Article 247
Senator Raza Rabbani gives viable Peace Solutions
*Political Analyst & Journalist

LAST YEAR 99th Senate session on 20th Dec 2013 – Friday witnessed a debate on the current political and security situation in the country with particular reference to Baluchistan, FATA and Rawalpindi incident.
The motion which was earlier moved by Senator Raza Rabbani, under the Rule 218 of business, to discuss the insurgency existing in FATA, was consequently, taken up by him to urge President Mamnoon to take immediate measures to restore peace and security in the region.

Senator Raza Rabbani quoted reference under Article 247, clause 2, that the President may from time to time give such directions to “the Governor of the province to exercise powers of his function to enforce peace and security in the region or any part of a Tribal Area”.

Further, he stressed the dire need for regulations implementation for the “peace and good governance” in FATA, under Article 247, clause 5, and urged President to take adequate steps.

The Leader of the house, Raja Zafarullah Haq, explicitly stated on 20th Dec 2013 that he would convey the “Sentiments of the House” to the President – but Senator Raza Rabbani, expressed his concern with the ending of the recent 100th Senate Session that “NO FOLLOW UP” on this issue has been acted upon.

He further added that serious issues like non-compliance on CCI meetings, matters related to privatization, non-payment of steel mill employees’ salaries, anti-labor policies suppressing the provincial autonomy granted in the 18th Amendment remained unaddressed by the ruling party.

A walkout by the opposition was witnessed on Wednesday 15th Jan - which was led by Senator Raza Rabbani on grounds of the government’s non-serious attitude towards legislative business and addressing problems at large.

Opposition Leader Senator Aitzaz Ahsan criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef for not coming to Senate and asked him to take notice of his party’s performance. He categorically stated that if there are “no follow ups” on senate sessions, then what is the need of the Upper House - in order?